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The Magic of xMinutes

xMinutes is a publishing platform that’s able to present media content to users – based on certain information on their locations, motions, interests and the current moments: The right news, at the right time, at the right place. The content will be personalized in the right shape.


Our project combines the Internet of Things and media consumption. By combining data from external sensors and the user’s behavior and needs we create a new way of content stream curation.

5. Kontext_API

Our platform offers a range of interfaces to media publishers: API, JSON, RSS. We analyze the content and enrich it with manifold metadata: categories, buzzwords, consuming time, verbal complexity and possible contexts. The presentation of content to the user is based on algorithms: We train these algorithms on understanding the interests and using habits of every individual user. This enables us to present him or her the right information at the right time. Important factors are: location, time, duration, form and the actual content of the content.

3. Was

Scenario: xMinutes is an app that offers me short headlines on the world affairs in the morning while getting up, audio content under the shower, a suitable podcast on my way to work, short news updates during working hours and a detailed background story via video while sitting on the couch at late eve.

We want to present the right content in the right form at the right time – based on both the interests and the current context of the user.