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Big Win: Google DNI supports our sensor journalism project

Rock the newsroom: We are among the 33 major projects that are supported by the Google Digital News Initiative (DNI). We were elected out of 226 major projects.

In the first round of the Digital News Initiative Google supports 128 projects with a total volume of 27 million euros. The company received applications from 23 european countries for three different categories: prototypes (up to 50.000 euros), medium-scale projects (up to 300.000 euros) and major projects (from 300.000 euros up to 1 million euros).

In our project we want to use sensor data to generate the perfect newsstream: The right news at the right time in the right place. For that purpose we want to analyse sensor data and will try to make algorithmic predictions to determine each user’s perfect time for reading the news.

We are going to work on this project for the next two years. With the help of an EU funding last year we already were able to conduct first experiments with semantics, machine learning and prediction algorithms. Furthermore we established some promising partnerships in the past few weeks – 2016 will be exciting for us.

Alternative concepts on how we are going to consume media content in the future were published more frequently in the past few months. Examples are with their app, as well as the experiments of the New York Times and the Washington Post. It is time for sensor driven news consumption.

We are looking forward to taking the chance Google offers us and by the way: We are urgently looking for new employees…

Here you can find more info on the DNI and the first round.