xMinutes is a brand of Datenfreunde which is wellknown for its data journalism and journalistic data visualizations. The team consisting of journalists, developers and visualizers produces the most applications as open source software and provides the data for researches and further development. Amongst our customers are the most important german publishing groups, public broadcasters in Germany and abroad as well as NGOs. The agency has won national and international awards (Lead-Awards, Grimme Online Award, World Summit Award, Online News Award, Prix Europa, dpa-Infografik Award).

Marco Maas Founder & CEO, Foreign affairs, Open-Data-Consultant, Data-Journalist

Marco studied media technologies and hosts the Code for Germany and the DDJ-Meetup in Hamburg and is an OpenSource & OpenData evangelist. He is an experienced public speaker for the topics data journalism, digital change or privacy and is the public face of the company.

Carl ZiegnerCarl Ziegner  Founder & CEO, Finance, Project Manager, Journalist
Carl studied journalism in Leipzig and worked as editor-in-chief online at in Berlin. He takes care of the financials and the employees and has been our head of project management from the start.

Martin-VirtelMartin Virtel Founder, Data Journalist, Consultant, Lecturer, Developer
A journalist by training and geek by birth, has driven innovation at the intersection of digital and media for  20 years. This includes product and strategy development in senior roles Die Zeit, Financial Times, news agency dpa and non-media clients of Datenfreunde.

Malte Burkhardt CTO, Developer, Conceptionist
Malte is a developer and strategist with proven technical and project management skills. He holds a BA of Multimedia Arts and is working in the field of software development since 2001 with a focus on user-centric solutions to complex problems. He lead development for S&P 500 and big media companies and startups. He’s able to cook down Marcos visions into proper work packages.

Jan Hartman Developer
Jan studied in Cologne and Hamburg computer science. He is specialized in sensors, Internet of Things (IoT) and the establishment and maintenance of server infrastructures. Since October 2015 he is a member of the Datenfreunde / xMinutes Team.

Jennifer Schneider
 Project-Manager, Marketing
Jennifer is a studied natural scientist with a business master. She did research in the fields of psychology and business strategies in England and Brazil. Most recently, she worked in the press offices of leading international food companies with a focus on sustainability. She specializes in data management for sustainability audits.

Lian Li Developer
Lian always wanted to save the world. After a failed attempt at becoming a lawyer, she decided to do something with computers instead. As a traditionally trained Software Developer she now focuses on machine learning applications

Kailyn Nguyen Developer & Technical Project Manager
Kailyn studied media technology at the HAW Hamburg. He is specialized in frontend design and technical project management. 2011 and 2012 he took over as technical director for the International Film Festival in Oldenburg and for 2013 and 2014 also the technicians for the Filmfest Hamburg. He is with Datenfreunde and xMinutes since September 2015.

Henrik Eliasson Developer

Henrik studied computer science at Uppsala University, Sweden. Combining studies in geography and GIS, with schooling in design and animation, along with his most recent education as a developer; gives him a well rounded perspektive towards software development. He’s been with Datenfreunde since April 2016.

Frederike Eichmann Senior Art Director

Frederike started her career back in the days when printing was the way to go but switched fast to anything digital. As a communication designer she worked for different agencies for medium to enterprise customers as well as startups. Always on the search for visually appealing solutions to complex communication challenges she concentrates on the look and feel for all our projects.

Björn Scholl Senior Developer/Technical Strategy